Glenelg is Adelaide’s premier beachside centre, with cafes, hotels, an amusement park and its famous jetty.


Glenelg beach

Glenelg beach (photo by Karen, CC license)

Glenelg is the oldest settlement in Adelaide, founded in 1836 by South Australia’s first governor, John Hindmarsh.

Glenelg town centre

Glenelg town centre (photo by Amanda Slater, CC license)

A jetty was built in 1857, but was destroyed by a freak cyclone in 1943. The current jetty was constructed in 1969.

Glenelg jetty (photo by eosdude, CC license)

Glenelg jetty (photo by eosdude, CC license)

Glenelg is also the end-point for the old tram line built in 1873. The line originates at the Entertainment Centre in the city, with tram services operating daily.

Glenelg tram

Tram in Glenelg (photo by Xaragmata, CC license)

South of Adelaide are the extant beaches of the Fleurieu Peninsula, including O’Sullivan Beach, Christies Beach, the drive-on beach of Moana, Maslin Beach (including its famous ‘nude’ beach to the south), Aldinga Beach, Sellick’s Beach and Myponga Beach.


Moana Beach. Photograph by Vmenkov. Creative Commons license.

Further south, less than one hour’s drive from Adelaide, is the holiday town of Victor Harbour, with its picturesque island, Granite Island.


Granite Island, Victor Harbour. Photo by Jocelyn Kinghorn. Creative Commons license.

Granite Island is connected to the mainland by a jetty, which can be traversed by foot or a horse-drawn train.


Horse drawn tram, Granite Island, Victor Harbour. Photo by Ian Fleggen, Creative Commons license.

The island was once home to abundant fairy penguins. But the fairy penguin population has declined dramatically in recent years for reasons unknown. The Penguin, Marine and Environmental Centre cares for injured penguins. The centre is open to visitors.Tuesday-Sunday 11am-4pm (penguin feeding is between 11:30am-2:30pm). Admission to the centre is $8 for adults an $6 for children. Tours from Adelaide to Victor Harbour and Granite Island can be booked here.